Sunday 25 March 2012

Sketching & Song in Rosslyn Chapel, Heriot-Watt Choir

Excelsior Per Cantum, Rosslyn Chapel, 24th March 2012. pencil & pen on paper
Given the title of my blog I need to be careful... this posting doesn't fit under the heading of landscape or nature or birds. So it'll have to be the art part - music and drawing.

Last night the Chamber Choir of Heriot-Watt University, Excelsior Per Cantum, put on a concert in Rosslyn Chapel near Edinburgh. I'd never been to Rosslyn before so I went early with Jennifer to sit in the amazing ornate surroundings while she and the rest of the choir rehearsed. As they sang I made this sketch. 

Then the audience arrived and I was able to enjoy the performance all over again. The songs were Scottish - ancient and modern and everything in between. All the Heriot-Watt concerts are ultra impressive and setting and singing combined to make sure that last night's was no exception.

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