Sunday, 26 January 2020

BTO WeBS Wetland Bird Survey - Binn Pond, Jan 2020

As detailed in my previous blog post here, I carry out two once-a-month volunteer bird surveys for the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO). The survey is the Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS). This year I'm going to try to put a quick blog post about each count each month.

I volunteer for two monthly counts. This post is about my Binn Pond count on the hill above Burntisland in Fife.

A good Scotland By Rail Binn Pond circle walk here. Start and finish at Burntisland train station.

BTO WeBS Wetland Bird Survey - Binn Pond, Jan 2020

09:40 - 10:10
as always, very poor visibility caused by more and more reeds /rush growing every year. There are probably pretty much always more birds than I am able to log in my results.

Coot 1
Moorhen 1
Teal 7

The teal are so nice. Britain's smallest duck. A call like the twinkling of delicate silver bells. Through winter there are often a small number of them here. I wonder each time about how this particular little group came to find the pond... Is it the same group as last visit? Is it the same group each year?

I forgot to take a pond photo so you'll have to wait until next month :)

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