Wednesday 18 October 2023

Postcards from the Line - Linlithgow - 21st Oct to 19th Nov 2023

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October! It must be time for Postcards from The Line

Postcards from the Line is an annual exhibition at the Line Gallery in Linlithgow - my lovely hometown gallery and the first gallery to ever exhibit my work, at least 20 years ago.

There are usually well more than 200 artworks, all sized A5 or under, all unframed, huge variety of media, 2D and 3D, all £100 or under***. It is a really really exciting exhibition. I delivered my ten this week and was allowed a sneak preview as the big sorting began:

The exhibition begins with an opening celebration this Saturday 21st October at 2pm. 

Then runs until 4pm on Sunday 19th November at:

The Line Gallery
238 High Street, Linlithgow, EH49 7EF

Opening Hours:
Thurs - Sat 10 - 5
Sun 1 - 4

If you're interested in buying any of my ten works please contact Gail and Elisabet at the Line by emailing or phoning +44 (0)1506 670 268.

They are all based on places I have been, things I have seen. Nearly all painted out in situ. Here they are:

Loch Arklet, watercolour, 15x21cm, £55

Longhaven cliffs, ink, 15x21cm, £55

Montecassino, watercolour, 15x21cm, £75

Scurdie Ness lighthouseink, 21x15cm, £50

cormorant isleacrylic, 15x21cm, £100

Old Wardour Castle, watercolour, 15x21cm, £75

woodland rainink, 15x21cm, £85

the early morning mist, Rosemount, acrylic, 15x21cm, £100

drumming snipe, watercolour, 15x21cm, £85

Bass Rock & Tantallon Castlewatercolour, 15x21cm, £95

If you're interested in buying any of my ten works please contact Gail and Elisabet at the Line by emailing or phoning +44 (0)1506 670 268.

Monday 9 October 2023

November exhibition - a family trio - Edinburgh 4-9 Nov 2023

A family exhibition of painting, printmaking and ceramics on Edinburgh's gallery street. A family show by me, Susan Smith and Dorothea Reid. Dorothea and Susan are first cousins and grew up in Peterhead on the Aberdeenshire coast. Susan is my mum. All three of us are very much inspired by environment and place and are delighted and excited to be exhibiting together after well more than a decade of talking about it.


We'd love to see you on our opening day, Saturday 4th November 10am - 6pm.
Refreshments will be served 🍷
All are most welcome.

23b Dundas Street
(access is up a short flight of external steps)

Following that our opening times are:
Sun 5th, 11am - 6pm
Mon 6th, 11am - 6pm
Tues 7th, 11am - 6pm
Wed 8th, 11am - 6pm
Thur 9th, 11am - 5pm

All three of us will be there on the opening day. Other days we will take it in turns a bit so if you hope to chat with a particular one of us please get in touch first to check which days and times we'll be in.


About the Exhibition:

Leo du Feu, Dorothea Reid, Susan Smith

a family exhibition of painting, original printmaking and ceramics

First cousins Dorothea Reid and Susan Smith grew up in and on the outskirts of Peterhead on Scotland’s North-East coast. Both went on to study art, Susan completing her MFA in Fine Art at Edinburgh College of Art in the 1970’s, Dorothea her BA Ceramics & Glass and MA Art & Design Ceramics at Bucks New University in the early 2000’s. Susan’s son Leo du Feu followed in his mum’s footsteps attending Edinburgh College and completing his BA Honours Drawing and Painting degree in 2006.

Around the time Leo was finishing at ECA the three relatives spent time together on gallery visits to London and in Buckinghamshire where Dorothea now lives near a magical ancient woodland called Burnham Beeches. As they explored the woods they sketched and talked and decided they one day must exhibit their work together. A decade and a half later, their November 2023 exhibition in The Life Room on Dundas Street is the result of this.

All three artists are inspired by natural things. By place, landscape, trees, plants and creatures. By history, people, culture. Dorothea is a ceramicist and a printmaker. Susan is a painter, a linocut printmaker and a tapestry weaver. Leo is a painter and sketcher-by-train with a love for miniature and discovered worlds.


I will be displaying a selection of works covering the various different aspects of my art output: outdoor pastels and paintings; Scotland By Rail pieces; Discovered Worlds; wood engravings; and a new batch of my miniatures painted on found pottery sherds, stones and the like.

Leo du Feu

Leo du Feu

Leo du Feu

Dorothea Reid

Dorothea Reid

Dorothea Reid

Dorothea Reid

Susan Smith

Susan Smith

Susan Smith

Susan Smith


Please feel most free to share this info and/or the exhibition poster with your friends, family and colleagues. If you would like a higher res version of the flyer to print out and put anywhere such as your office or friendly local cafe or library please let me know and I'll be delighted to send it to you! It's exciting and nerve wracking to be putting on an exhibition again and all help with spreading the word is very much appreciated.

We look forward to welcoming you to our exhibition :)

Thank you.

Leo, Susan, Dorothea
The Life Room
4th - 9th November 2023


Let me know if you wish to sign up to my art e-mailing list for future exhibitions and other arty things -