Monday 22 April 2013

How to make a pop-up owl puppet

A workshop at the Scottish Owl Centre, for Eczema Outreach Scotland.


large plastic yoghurt pot or soup tub, the bottom cut out by an adult (tape around sharp edges)
a stick
an old sock
elastic bands
water-based PVA glue
coloured paper/card, tissue, feathers - to decorate

Two I made earlier:


1 - receive excellent tour of Scottish Owl Centre; see lots of beautiful owls and learn lots about them on a 'journey to the north pole'.

2 - scrumple sheet of newspaper into a ball and tape securely to the end of a long stick:

3 - Pull sock over ball of newspaper and secure with elastic band at the neck.

4 - Insert stick into yoghurt pot and pull base of sock over length of tub. Elastic band again around sock below base of tub.

5 - Decorate owl using glue, paper, tissue, feathers to stick on eyes, beak, ear tufts, anything else that you want:

6 - Leave owls overnight to let glue dry fully:

7 - Play with your owl!


Lots more about the Scottish Owl Centre and Eczema Outreach Scotland by clicking on their names here.

The Scottish Owl Centre is in Polkemmet Country Park, near Whitburn, West Lothian. There's also a cafe, a playpark, open spaces and woodland walks.

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  1. Brilliant! Love all those owls. They are all so different.