Thursday 10 April 2014

Moving studio - a quick job? Also kestrel, little grebe, a hare...

I at long last have moved my studio. 'At long last' not meaning I didn't like my old one - I loved it, but commuting Burntisland to Linlithgow isn't sensible. I took ownership of my house in Burntisland mid-January and the plan was always to have my studio here. From time to time I hope to still paint at dad's in Linlithgow, perhaps when I'm working on especially large pieces. And I'll be back there in June for Forth Valley Open Studios - everyone is welcome to visit me on June 10th, 12th, 14th, 15th. Full details here.

The Move
I imagined one day to pack, one day to move, one day to unpack. Ridiculous! It's now more than seven days since did any work, either computer or creating - one and a half days and half a night to pack, one day to move, one day for B&Q. I've just about finished my unpacking.

A pity it couldn't stay as minimal as this:

Close to completion:

Some empty boxes (which will now be Russian-dolled and stored in the attic):

spot the bunnies

I've managed two really nice walks during the week, forcing myself away from studio set-up. Both were late afternoon into evening. The first by shore to Kinghorn, back in the dark along the road. The second today, 5pm-8pm, uphill onto the rolling farmland plateau above Burntisland:

spot the little grebes' nest. actually, it's the normal size

coot swallowing what looks rather like a stick. stick didn't get stuck

pheasant, hoping I haven't spotted him

North Berwick Law

the Isle of May (spot two white foghorns)

spot the kestrel

kestrel (little beige speck) flew to this wall. a hare just below

hare leaving

I don't know much about all this but perhaps the Binn Hill mast is what zooms my writings to you, blog post bouncing out from those bigwhite drums:

And now that computer is unboxed, plugged in, I'll start to respond to rather a lot of neglected communications...

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