Friday 4 March 2016

Joanna Newsom in concert, Glasgow, 2nd March 2016

Despite having a wife who plays viola in orchestra and sings in chamber choir, and a musically absorbed brother, mother, father, my own musical knowledge and vocabulary is very low. Spoken word is my main companion - Radio 4, Radio Scotland, Radio 4 Extra, audiobooks.

Anyway, Dad, Roan and I were in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Wednesday night seeing Joanna Newsom and band, touring Joanna's Divers album (featuring a character called Nightjar...). They really were seriously good. She plays harp and baby grand piano, and sings. The band of four, including her brother, play violin, viola, recorder, percussion, guitar, backing singing, etc etc.

The music, and Joanna's voice, is odd, intriguing, mesmerising... took me a lot of hearing it at home before I began to think I liked it. The words are poetic and the meanings seem deep. Mythology, history, mystery. I thought of a medieval troupe, or from fantasy, travelling their tales.

Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes was supporting.

Here's a sketch:

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