Sunday, 16 July 2017

New greetings cards available.

Four designs - mix and match, choose your favourites
- 14x14cm, 330gsm card, includes white envelope small enough for Royal Mail Letter.
- blank inside for any occasion. Short artwork description on reverse of each card.

4 cards = £6
8 cards = £12
12 cards = £15
20 cards = £25

+ UK postage & packaging £2 per order

Pay by cash, cheque, online transfer, PayPal. We aim to post cards within two weeks of your order.

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Crossing the Atlantic on honeymoon we watched whales and dolphins almost every day. 
I was with my watercolours in the lookout when this humpback appeared, rising gently 
three or four times before flicking its tail to the vertical and diving from sight. 
- July 2016, Queen Mary 2, New York to Southampton.

Guillemots are found nesting on narrow ledges in colonies all around Scotland's coasts. 
They, along with their relatives the puffin and the razorbill, are one of many seabird 
families threatened by dwindling fish stocks and increased coastal storms.

On the beach below my mum's caravan crows search for shellfish. 
They grab a shell, flap upwards with it then drop it onto rocks, trying to get at the treasure within. 
It usually takes several attempts before the shell cracks.

At this spot on the Aberdeenshire coast I see peregrines almost every time I visit. 
This adult lay in the shade of a cliff overhang as I sketched. A peregrine falcon performing 
its vertical hunting dive or 'stoop' can reach speeds of over 200 miles per hour!

** Click here to let us know how many of each card you wish to order **

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