Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Scotland By Rail - Dalry Ayrshire - station paintings now complete

Four months ago I was close to completion of my 4ftx4ft paintings for Dalry station in Ayrshire. Then baby came along and caused a quarter of a year pause.

Now at last I'm getting back into it and with just a little help (see bottom of this post) panel six of six is complete. Here are my original mock-ups (above) plus a few details from the finished works (below). More and better photos once the paintings have been installed.

This project was proposed and made possible by Dalry Station Garden Group (DSGG), funded by the ScotRail Cultural and Arts Fund. 

Dalry station is an inspiring example of how much positive change can be made by just a few dedicated individuals - all volunteers. DSGG has planted native berry-bearing woodland, meadowland for pollinators. They've created mini ponds and insect hotels and put up nest boxes. They've brought poetry and sculpture and now painting to the station. Well done DSGG!


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How to get there

Trains to Dalry take half an hour from Glasgow Central. Mon-Sat there are 3 per hour from Glasgow - 2 going to Ayr, the other to Ardrossan Harbour. Hourly on Sundays.

Double check 'Ayrshire, Inverclyde & Stranraer Timetable' and 'Buy Tickets' on ScotRail website.

Many thanks to ScotRail for enabling my Scotland by Rail work.

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