Monday 4 May 2020

Art Idea - an artwork on a found background

Hens in the Den
Samantha Cheevers, 
Mixed Media and Collage, 18x23cm  

Samantha was the winner of the Art in Healthcare prize at the Royal Scottish Academy New Contemporaries exhibition 2019. 
Six works are in the Art in Healthcare Collection -  

I love this piece by Samantha Cheevers. Looking closely I can see the top half is something like a piece of old embossed wallpaper. The bottom section is painted then glued on top of the wallpaper.

Make your own:
Have a look around the house or garden for something of an interesting colour or texture. A newspaper, Easter egg foil, a piece of tree bark (found already fallen, not peeled from a trunk).

You've found your background!

Now find a drawing / painting / collage / photo you've already made, or make a new one. 

Cut it out:

And stick on top of your found background:

pencil & watercolour on palette background

acrylic rocks on marbled background

acrylic rocks on paper place-mat background

pencil & watercolour coot on marbled background

acrylic trees on foil background

acrylic trees on paper place-mat background

acrylic rocks on basking shark!
(from Scottish Wildlife Trust magazine)

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