Tuesday 14 July 2020

Art Ideas! - a bit more escapism - other worlds - other artists

Here are a few more of my Other Worlds for you to enjoy.

Or to make you think twice before next you see me.

Spot the space goblin?

Find a place in the real world which looks otherworldly. These human-made grassy mounds were spotted on a train journey then elaborated on for this painting:
modern hills
acrylic, miniature

Space serpents? Seaweed? Mountain range? Waves?
oil, 3x5ft

Choose a real object, put it in an unexpected place:
boat in the clouds
acrylic, miniature

A building on an impossible clifftop:
dawn in blue
acrylic, miniature

Choose a title to enhance the fantastic:
Journey of a Space Goblin
oil, 5x6ft

But it's not just me who likes fantastical. Honest. Here are some from ***Other Artists*** in the Art in Healthcare Collection.

These first two are by Peter Standen, an Edinburgh artist. He takes well known locations, often Edinburgh, and shows them as he imagines them in the far far future.

Try a landscape in sombre colours to give the feeling of something huge having happened.

Peter Standen
View From Calton Hill

Depict your pets doing odd things:
Peter Standen
Catalytic Catnip
57 x 68 cm

More cats. People like cats.

Michael Forbes
What's For Tea
66 x 76 cm

Great trees!
Michael Forbes
Familiar Faces
oil painting
62.5 x 72.5 cm

Alan Davie. Look closely for buildings, gardens, roads, trees, mountains and many curious things.

Try this with black ink or black paint. Or a felt tip marker.

Alan Davie
Between the Villages
73 x 62 cm

A scene from Greek mythology. Enhanced by its title. Without reading the title you might not guess at it being an other-worldly painting at all.

Philip Braham
Icarus Falling to Earth
oil painting
53 x 69 cm

Fantastical rollercoaster?

I would not go on that.

Jennifer would.

What do you see?

Try a big bold drawing using lovely soft charcoal, or conte crayons for a harder line:
Judith Rowan
Nine Pine Trees
Mixed Media and Collage
100 x 110cm

Three Flying Crowns...

Choose some objects from around your house, make them fly!:

Alice Shannon
The Flying Crowns
mixed media and collage
67 x 60 cm

A magical fantastical giraffey dreamscape by Maki Hamada. I was at art college with Maki.

Maki Hamada
acrylic and gouache mixed media and collage
67 x 60 cm

A very happy scene. Starry volcanoes, flying house.

Christopher Gilvan-Cartwright
Nothing is Impossible..II
oil painting
50 x 63 cm

I love this. A real building (demolished 1964) in a fantastical moonlit setting. With sunflowers.

Robert Leishman
Royal Arch (Dundee) Fantasy
oil painting

And your other worlds?

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