Tuesday 1 November 2022

2023 calendar now ready to post

This year my calendar is called 'Space for Nature' and features a selection of places and wildlife happenings which have inspired me. Ten of the thirteen images have been created out and about, the remaining three painted in my studio.

calendar is same format as usual:
- folded & stapled with hole for hanging
- A4 (21x30cm) closed, A3 (42x30cm) open
- printed sustainably in the UK on 100% recycled paper
- includes UK Holidays, various dates of interest, solstices, full moon, new moon...

£11 each
£10 each if you order five or more.

+ p&p

Click here to order https://forms.gle/YKEKfuUyrgDzEmwB9

Here are all the images:


Six winter / Christmas card designs are also available:

1 card = £1.50
10 cards = £12
20 cards = £20 

**Mix & Match between all designs. Let us know how many of each.


What about a wood engraving for a Christmas gift?

My four wood engravings are hand engraved in my studio and each hand printed in my studio in an edition of 100. 

They are unframed and unmounted but do get in touch and we may be able to offer them mounted or framed.

My newest, studio wren, is my largest to date (7.5x5cm 😅). 
Susan Mansfield in The Scotsman said "... Leo du Feu's tiny Studio Wren is a miniature gem."
Thank you Susan!

**NB - engravings may take longer to reach you than cards and calendars. 

winter owl, 3x8cm
£25 per print, includes UK p&p. 


studio wren, 7.5x5cm
£60 per print, includes UK p&p. 


ocean giant, 3x6cm
£40 per print, includes UK p&p. 


ocean life, 3x6cm
£40 per print, includes UK p&p. 


To order please fill in the google docs form here

Many thanks :)

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