Tuesday 28 June 2022

Scotland By Rail - Rothesay, Isle of Bute (+ a 6km circular walk)

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Port Glasgow, on route to Wemyss Bay

- Wemyss Bay and ferry to Bute


This blog post - a 6km ish circular walk starting and ending at Rothesay ferry terminal.

The ferries to the Isle of Bute are so frequent and the journey so short that you really can nip across for just a couple of hours. I had about five. I started by exploring Rothesay town - cafes, some excellent charity shops, gallery, tourist info centre in old Winter Gardens pavilion, a moated castle (currently closed)... Then I bought picnic lunch and headed west, climbing a steep residential road out of the town to arrive in gentle countryside. Moorland farmland with tree patches here and there and views of mountains (Arran and mainland) in the distance. Lots and lots of bird life. Quiet country road then traffic free footpath the very quiet access tracks took me north and gradually downhill all the way to the shore at Port Bannatyne. From there a couple of kilometres walk back along the coastal road to the ferry, stopping for supplies at Ardbeg Mini Market village shop.

A great, easy walk to give a bit of a feel for Bute. Here it is:

Rothesay Ferry Terminal (spot the ferry)

Isle of Bute Discovery Centre

plans for Rothesay - Bute Yard

Serpentine Road, Canada Hill, Rothesay (14 hairpin bends)

Rothesay Castle and moat

and out into the countryside, blue hills of Arran in the distance

Rothesay road and Arran hills

mixed corvids 💚

I found a nice elevated place a bit off track to get my watercolours out.
This is as far as I got before the wind forced me to stop. It nearly blew my carrot cake away!

trees, gate, farm with silo, Arran

nice farmland track leading to lovely woodland stretch.
Look for these signs, the West Island Way (yes, Island)

spot the spots

the remains of an old fountain. Port Bannatyne down below

Port Bannatyne shore, looking to the mainland. I love this scene.

Port Bannatyne to Ardbeg shore

Ardbeg playpark. I have to take photos of playparks to let Oren see which ones he hopes to try.

Bute Cycle Network. Craigmore beyond Rothesay at far right

See that far off roadside shelter. There are several of them.
Really lovely sheltered places to sit with benches facing in all directions.

The road back from Ardbeg to Rothesay

rock pipit

Skeoch Wood, a short walk from the ferry

derelict swimming pool site

derelict swimming pool site

back in Rothesay, ferry approaches


Getting to Bute:

Trains from Glasgow Central to Wemyss Bay are hourly and the journey takes about 50 minutes.

Check ScotRail 'Buy Tickets' in advance of your journey - www.scotrail.co.uk

Ferry from Wemyss Bay to Rothesay takes only about 35 minutes and ferries depart hourly from both Rothesay and Wemyss Bay.

Check Calmac timetable and website - www.calmac.co.uk/article/7826/Bute-Wemyss-Bay---Rothesay


Thank you for reading my Scotland By Rail blog.

Spread the word and let me know about your own favourite railway days out. 

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